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Music has the ability to move our soul! It is the language of all languages and is able to break through all barriers. It has a very strong influence over our consciousness, capable of changing our emotions, thoughts, & physical wellbeing. Music has the ability to change negative into positive and visa versa. For this reason alone it is important to surround yourself with positive, nurturing music for a holistic wellness. The rhythm of music stimulates left & right hemispheres of the brain not only activating creativity but also the intellect as it influences the process of thinking and learning.

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Analysing faster & thinking clearer, promotes positive moods & emotional states, improves organizational skills, aides in stress related symptoms, improves sleep, increases serotonin levels, releases endorphins, improves memory & creativity. Karma Living offers an extensive selection of CD's in our library. Everything from New Age Groove, World Music, Relaxation and Guided Meditations created by world renown composers such as; Deuter, Kamal, Terry Oldfield, Tony O'Connor, David & Steve Gordon & Chinmaya Dunster. Feel free to come into one of our stores for a browse and a listen, one of our staff will be only too happy to assist.
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