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Illuminate your Mind, Body and Spirit with Karma Living’s extensive range of Crystals and Gemstones. Since ancient times, different stones have been treasured, not only for their beauty but for the healing and spiritual properties these gemstones are said to hold. 

Crystals have differing vibrations which connect on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and assist in many of the healing arts. Keep a gemstone in your pocket or purse, under your pillow, or around your home to benefit from the properties within.

Crystal essential care pack

Whether you are starting out on your crystal journey or well advanced in your knowledge, there are a few basic stones that everyone should invest in. For instance:

  • Rose Quartz, (unconditional love and infinite peace, purifies opens and heals the heart at all levels).
  • Black Tourmaline (protection, it also cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. Protects against negative energies of all kinds).
  • Amethyst, (enhances spiritual awareness and has strong healing and cleansing powers).
  • Clear Quartz (most powerful healing and energy amplifying stone. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy).
  • Smokey quartz (one of the most efficient grounding and stabilising stones).
  • Citrine, (joy and abundance, teaching us to manifest and attract prosperity, success and all good things. A happy and generous stone).
  • Selenite (brings clarity of mind and higher guidance. A stone of deep peace that calms the mind). 

These are a handful of stones you should always have within reach for their ultimate general healing nature.

Healing Crystals 

Precious stones have been used for centuries amongst many cultures throughout the world to help healing in a variety of ways. They were used to diagnose illness and aid recovery, for  clarity, calmness and even for love,  also used to aid physical and emotional pain. They were selected according to their colour or metaphysical properties, placed on certain parts of the body to promote healing and recovery. Nowadays crystals are integrated into our lives for a number of reasons for grounding, meditation, balancing chakras, physical and emotional healing, relaxation and providing clarity, and larger pieces not only enhance the metaphysical properties they are a natural piece of art to integrate into your home.

Crystals help us gain inner strength, clarity, wisdom, confidence and self love. All traits that we need a little help with at certain times in our lives.

Sourcing crystals

At Karma Living we source our crystals from reputable suppliers to ensure that we are able to provide the best quality that we are able to find and ensure that they are natural stones, and not  just coloured glass or artificially manufactured. We also have a select range of crystal jewellery pieces.

Buying Online 

Buying crystals online is easy, buying instore is even easier! It is said that the crystal chooses you, you don’t choose the crystal. The specific energy and vibration are always more prevalent when you are physically holding them. Whichever way you chose to purchase, trust in your own guidance and instinct and you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself with these little gems.