Everything you need to know about Our Lunar Essentials Kit

Our Lunar Essentials Kit is filled with all of the essential items you need to understand and manifest the magic of the moon. Whether you are a beginner to moonology, or perhaps you engage with moonology and moon cycles regularly, this kit is great for people of all levels of moon knowledge.

This kit features a variety of different products, allowing you to practice a number of different moon rituals, and manifest moon magic in different ways. See below each item that is featured in this kit and what power they bring...

Spell Candles

Candles are some of the most powerful tools for any lover of magic. Spell candles are great for lighting in line with spell affirmations, to help manifest enlightenment, empowerment, and good health. Spell candles are also great for warding off negative energy, and also imparting positive energy into your life. Each coloured spell candle is meant to create a different outcome for the user, and can be useful for different intentions. Click on each candle to find out what each colour is great for!

Directions: Place your chosen spell candle in your spell candle holder and position it on your altar or in your chosen space. Light the candle and let it sit for as long as your ritual recommends.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a sacred tree that grows in specific areas of South America and has been used for centuries in cleansing rituals, ceremonies and healing practices. Burning the Palo Santo wood offers not only physical benefits but incredible energetic and spiritual benefits too.

Energetically, Palo Santo has the ability to raise positive vibrations by purifying and cleansing away negativity. Often used in cleansing rituals, the smoke of the burning wood has a strong spiritual effect that eliminates negative energy and creates a calm, tranquil and balanced space.

This hand-cut palo santo wood is 100% natural, sustainable and wild-harvested.

Directions: Ignite a high resin palo santo stick and point the tip downward. Let it burn for 30 seconds, then gently blow out the flame. Next, weave the wafting smoke around the body or through the air to bring its invigorating, fresh energy to life.  

Selenite Rough Specimen

Selenite crystal is a potent crystal known for chakra balancing and clearing negativity from your surroundings. For centuries, it is known to be used for its healing benefits. Selenite can help to:

● bring about peace and calmness

● provide clarity to wearers

● clear out blocked energy

● uplift spirits

● help access inner intuition

● cleanse spaces

● enhance the power of manifestation

Directions: Carry your crystal specimen with you or display in a particular space to help manifest Selenite's power.

Moon Magic Journal

Harness the power of the magical, mystical, glorious Moon with spells, rituals, meditations, and self-reflection prompts for each phase. The Moon is one of our most prominent and ancient symbols. It has shaped how we understand and track time, its movement controls the tides, and its rise into the sky signals the coming of night. The distinct phases of the lunar cycle have associations with different states of being. These states mirror a kind of spiritual quest that, like our search for ourselves, never ends. When we observe the Moon, we see reflections of the grand pattern of life that is birth, death, and rebirth. With this invaluable Moon Magic Journal, each Moon phase is explored individually to cover the phases' main themes along with moon rituals, spells, meditations, and practical ways to manifest what you desire. 

Satya Super Hit Incense

The Super Hit flora incense is one of our most popular blends and releases the right amount of sweet aroma to brighten the user’s day. Delightful to the olfactory sense, the Super Hit blend opens the soul up to positive energy and calms the air you breathe.

Place the incense sticks in an incense holder and light the tip of the stick with a flame. Let it burn for a small duration, and once the tip is glowing carefully blow the flame out. Allow yourself to soak in the soothing scent of incense.

Directions: Ignite an incense stick and let it burn for a couple of seconds. Blow out the flame until the tip is glowing orange. The incense stick will begin to create a scented smoke. Place the incense stick in an incense holder in the space you want to cleanse. 

Incense Holder Moon Plate

Manifest the power of the moon with this moon themed incense holder. This cream handmade ceramic holder will present a beautiful small plate to hold your ritual incense. This minimalistic large round design allows the holder to be used as both a functional aromatherapy piece, as well as a plate for miscellaneous objects. 

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