Flower Agate Point Medium #11

Flower Agate Point Medium
Flower Agate Point Medium
Flower Agate Point Medium
Flower Agate Point Medium
Flower Agate Point Medium

Flower Agate Point Medium #11

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This medium-sized Flower Agate point is a mesmerising blend of swirling light pinks and purples, creating a captivating dance of colours across its surface. Interspersed with pops of forest green textures, it adds a touch of natural vibrancy and depth. This unique piece emanates a sense of harmony and vitality, making it an exquisite addition to any crystal collection and a wonderful companion for moments of introspection and renewal.

Dimensions (cm): 2x7.5

Weight: 0.039kg

About Flower Agate Crystals

Flower Agate Points are exceptionally rare and prized for their potent energy. They're sourced from a limited number of locations worldwide. This crystal is revered for its intuitive properties, aiding in the development of psychic abilities. It enhances mental clarity and is ideal for deep meditation and dreamwork, unlocking profound insights. Flower Agate also offers a protective aura, promoting emotional tranquility and a sense of security.

Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

Zodiac: Cancer & Sagittarius

What is a Crystal Point?

The crystal point, a sacred embodiment of spiritual illumination, bridges earthly and celestial energies. It focuses intention, directs energy, and enhances meditation, spiritual connection, and energetic healing. Crafted by nature's wisdom, crystal points align chakras, clear blockages, and unlock the potential for awareness, growth, and manifestation.

Where to Place Flower Agate Points in Your Space

The placement of Flower Agate Points depends on your intentions:

For accessing deeper consciousness and enhancing psychic abilities, keep this crystal near your bed or meditation space to amplify vivid dreams and expanded states of mind.

To infuse your home with Flower Agate's intuitive and calming energies, experts recommend placing it in the South of your living space.

Its compact size makes Flower Agate Points perfect for carrying with you daily, ensuring you benefit from its powerful influence wherever you go.

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