Fluorite Point #5

Fluorite Point
Fluorite Point
Fluorite Point
Fluorite Point

Fluorite Point #5

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This beautiful point of Fluorite exhibits an array of Fluorite colours, including a prominent band of deep green, and flashes of purple and pale yellow. Small in size, this piece of Fluorite is perfect for placing in your space or even carrying with you to bring mental clarity and calming thoughts. 

Dimensions (cm): 2x7

Weight: 0.058kg

What is Fluorite?

In the ethereal realm of crystal energies, we find the mesmerizing fluorite. Its vibrant colors and delicate translucence captivate the senses, offering a gateway to spiritual realms. Composed of calcium fluoride, this sacred crystal manifests in an array of hues—purple, green, blue, and yellow—each carrying its own resonance. Revered for its mystical properties, fluorite whispers of mental clarity, guiding us to focus our thoughts and find unwavering concentration. Its benevolent presence nurtures spiritual growth and fosters a harmonious balance within our turbulent emotions.

Fluorite, a colorful and translucent crystal, forms through hydrothermal deposition when fluorine-rich fluids interact with host rocks, permeating fractures and cavities. Over time, minerals are deposited as the fluids cool and solidify, resulting in Fluorite's intricate crystal structures found in various regions worldwide, such as China, Mexico, and the United States.

Zodiac: Pisces and Capricorn

Chakra: Third Eye and Crown

Birth Month: February

What is a Crystal Point?

The crystal point, a sacred embodiment of spiritual illumination, bridges earthly and celestial energies. It focuses intention, directs energy, and enhances meditation, spiritual connection, and energetic healing. Crafted by nature's wisdom, crystal points align chakras, clear blockages, and unlock the potential for awareness, growth, and manifestation.

Where to place Fluorite in your space?

Fluorite, a radiant gem of balance and clarity, cleanses and harmonizes energy. Place it in your home office or study for enhanced focus and concentration. In bedrooms or meditation spaces, it brings a soothing presence. Trust your intuition to find the perfect spot, aligning with your intentions and nurturing your dreams.

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