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Crystals & Stones

Illuminate your Mind, Body and Spirit with Karma Living’s extensive range of Crystals and Gemstones. Since ancient times, crystals and gemstones have been used not only for their beauty but for healing and spiritual properties they are said to hold. Gemstones have different vibrations which connect on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and assist in many of the healing arts. Keep a gemstone in your pocket or purse, under your pillow, or around your home to benefit from the healing properties within.

Why Us

Where possible we choose ethical, discernable & passionate suppliers who commit to the quality & purity of their products & the environment.


Karma Living offers a high level of customer service, secure payment, fast safe delivery and a great range of products.

Gift Cards

Give good Karma with a Gift Card, beautifully presented with your own personal message, it’s the perfect gift for anyone! Purchase Gift Card


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