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Wax Melts & Toppers

Illuminate your senses with Karma Living’s range of Wax Melts and Melt Toppers. Wax melts are a clean and safe alternative to using oil and water in your oil burner. Simply place the wax melt in the dish and let it liquefy; the liquid wax will release fragrance into the air and can be used over and over until the fragrance is no longer present. The wax melt can then be left to solidify and thrown away, or you can use a melt topper to re-fragrance. iKOU’s secret formula melt toppers will re-fragrance your old melts with ease! Simply liquefy your used wax and squirt the full dropper into the wax.

Why Us

Where possible we choose ethical, discernable & passionate suppliers who commit to the quality & purity of their products & the environment.


Karma Living offers a high level of customer service, secure payment, fast safe delivery and a great range of products.

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