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As the fundamentals of Yoga are becoming part of our everyday lifestyle here in Australia, more of us are embracing the wisdoms of ancient India. By incorporating a mindful yoga practise into our lives we create greater physical, mental and spiritual strength within ourselves. 

Yoga For Health and Relaxation

At Karma Living we understand just how important it is to get the balance right. From juggling busy day to day schedules, we all need to take the time to quieten the mind and body.

The reasons why we practise yoga may be personal, but the overall health benefits are undeniable and vast. Once you start to practise yoga for yourself, you will notice greater flexibility, increased strength and tone, relaxation, clarity and focus, more energy, vitality and motivation and an overall boost to your physical and mental wellbeing.

The benefits that you will notice once you start practising yoga are almost endless, improved balance, boosts immunity ,less prone to injuries, improves posture, strengthens bone health through weight bearing exercises, increase blood flow throughout the body and organs , regulates the adrenal glands, aids digestion and you are more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle! To sum up yoga, it simply makes you happier and healthier!  Grab a bolster, a mat and a strap today and you are halfway there!

Yoga Basics at Karma Living

At Karma Living we actually test every single product before we offer them to our customers. When you buy a yoga strap, bolster or non-slip mat from Karma Living, you are buying from someone that shares your passion. We have opted for an intimate range that is reliably sourced and ethically sustainable. The use of props such as blocks, bolsters and straps ensures that you are supported in every posture and you will have less risk of injury.

Practising yoga is a time for nurturing the body, releasing and letting go, strengthens and lengthens the body and put your worries behind you.

Karma Living online 

We also have an extensive range of candles, essential oils, incense and other meditation accessories at Karma Living, to enhance your yoga practise, and transform your yoga space into a sacred space. Unify your mind, body and spirit to a state of pure consciousness and awareness through Yoga. You wont regret it!