Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards


      Intuitive healing decks

      Discover the world of Oracle and Affirmation cards at Karma Living and start your own journey using these simple tools of divination and spiritual guidance. Gain knowledge and discover the hidden meaning of your thoughts and actions.

      Tarot has been used for centuries around the world as a way of tapping into our intuition and harnessing our inner wisdom for self-reflection and self-discovery. Many people also gain valuable insight from past lives, ancestors and present situations, by gaining insight into their deepest hidden thoughts.

      Tarot cards are believed to have originated in the early 14th century and are made up of 78 cards, with their own imagery and symbolism. They have greater structure in their use and interpretation. With Tarot cards, readings vary as to how and where a card falls in a sequence, it has a more distinct system and interpretation. Oracle or Guidance cards are an easier way to access our subconscious mind and our own intuition. From this space of inner power and wisdom, we can discover how to make positive changes, set intentions and gain a better understanding of our own journey, talents, fears and desires. Affirmation cards are used to provide encouragement, emotional support, motivation, a positive statement to aid in creating change in our mindsets and change future outcomes. They may be extremely powerful or the smallest insight into habits and patterns. The possibilities are endless and incredibly transformative.

      How to manifest using card decks

      There are many different ways to use oracle and affirmation decks and you may use them as often as you like. They may offer daily guidance and set positive intentions for the day, or go deeper to a multi card reading accessing past, present and future in the subconscious mind. This may be useful to give insight into a situation or a challenging time or it may give you clarity and direction and a greater insight and understanding of hidden fears or talents. Oracle cards are a simple and effective way to start trusting in your own intuition. They are easy to use, simple to read, many have an additional guidebook which are pieces of art in their own right. Most decks have unique artwork on each card, ranging from gods and goddesses, animals, crystals, fairies , angels and many other identities. Each deck will have its own vibrancy and energy, offering you a unique magical message. It may be daunting to select from such a vast range of decks, just trust your intuition and you will be guided to the deck that will offer you the insight that you are after.

      No matter how you chose to use them they will offer more insight into any situation than you realise. It also forces you to take a few moments of “me time” even if it is only for a few minutes a day, once a week, or when we face troubling times. Highly informative and seriously transformational. Focus your meditation on your problem, issue or intention and you will be amazed at the cards that you draw!

      Karma Living’s range of Tarot, Affirmation, Animal, Angel and Goddess Oracle cards include renowned authors from around the world, as well as the latest new releases from locally born artists, and emerging talents in the metaphysical industry. With beautiful artwork and imagery and emerging trends you will find at least one deck to suit your needs. Discover how to make positive changes now to help manifest your goals and dreams in the future.

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