Salt Lamps

Salt Lamps


      Improve Your Home with a Himalayan Salt Lamp

      Illuminate and rejuvenate your home with Karma Living’s fresh range of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Directly sourced from registered suppliers in Pakistan, they are mined in the Himalayas, from salt crystals formed over 250 million years ago, from salt blocks ranging from 1kg to 500kgs.

      Benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp

      There are many benefits of having a salt lamp in your home. They are said to release negative ions, (vitamins in the air) into the air, neutralising any harmful positive ions, which are becoming more prevalent with our extensive use of electronic devices in our homes. They are also said to clear the air of electro smog, dust and pollens that may cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and other respiratory symptoms, and it has been thought that they act as an antibacterial agent  helping to kill airborne bacteria.

      They are also known for their vast therapeutic benefits for anyone suffering with asthma, eczema and respiratory issues. The beautiful soft warm pinkish red glow from the pink salt creates a soothing and therapeutic environment for those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, migraines insomnia and other mood disorders such as seasonally affected disorder.

      Buying from Karma Living 

      Using ethically and sustainably sourced pink salt from the Himalayas and handcrafted with love by master craftsmen in Pakistan. Karma Living is one of Australia’s’ leading retailers of authentic Himalayan salt lamps. As they are handcrafted, each rock lamp will have its own unique shape, no two will be the same and they take on a personality of their own. The selection process is fun, what personality type are you? Do you like tall slender, short squat, large small? Who would have thought so many options were possible and that you would have such distinct preference in a rock lamp!

      Here at Karma Living, we absolutely love our salt lamps and take pride in our range. We stock a variety of sizes in the natural pink salt lamps, a small selection of white, tealight holders and increasing in popularity are our USB options, ideal for neutralising the office or home office environment, making for a brighter, healthier place to work.

      Salt lamps also make the perfect gift for absolutely anyone, and with quick delivery from Karma Living you can rest assured that you have made the right choice. There is no better way to share the true beauty of mother nature.

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