10 Ways to Use Your Acupressure Mat

For Relieving Back Pain

Many of us search for new techniques to beat back aches and pains that can be caused from bad sleep, working at a computer, heavy lifting etc. Home treatment through an acupressure mat can help with pain, injuries, relaxation, and sleep.

How to use for relieving back pain:

• Place the mat on your bed (or on a workout mat)

• Sit down on the mat

• Slowly roll down one vertebra at a time until you are lying flat on your back

• Distribute your body weight evenly

• Take slow and deep breaths to relax your body and mind

Pressure points on the back are generally found in the Lumbar Region, so ensure to put consistent pressure on this area (located on each side of your spine). As well as your lower back pressure point, located between the second and third vertebrae.

To improve sleep quality

Sometimes, owing to the stress and pressures of daily life, you can end up with erratic sleep patterns. Acupressure mats help relax muscles and your overall state-of-mind regularising sleep patterns.

Lay down on your acupressure mat (placing equal pressure on all the spikes) for at least 10 minutes before falling asleep. Make it a part of your bedtime routine to get the best benefits.

For Alleviating Neck Pain

Neck pain is another constant problem. It has become an increasingly larger issue due to the prevalence of smartphones, tables & computers in everyday life.

How to use to alleviate neck pain:

• Roll up the mat to create a cylindrical shape

• Lie down gently placing your neck over the hump created

• Stay in this position for at least 10 minutes for the best results

Our necks can become a tight area very easily, and as a result it is an area prone to stress and pain. Incorporate an acupressure mat into your daily routine to alleviate any discomfort in this area.

Recover From Muscle Pain Or Injury

Muscle pain or injuries occur when soft tissues undergo damage. A soft tissue injury increases pain and tension around your body.

Acupressure mats place pressure on injured areas, temporarily blocking blood flow. As you move off the mat, blood flows through the area again, bringing with it along nutrients and oxygen to heal the affected tissue.

In addition, an acupressure mat will help scarred tissue break down into fibrous tissue and realign fibres.

For Reducing Foot Pain

Similarly, to other areas of the body, introduce an acupressure mat into your daily routine to reduce foot pain.

How to use to reduce foot pain:

• While wearing socks, put your feet on the acupressure mat (placing equal pressure on all the mat's spikes)

• Ensure the weight of your entire body is on the mat

• Inhale, exhale and relax

• You can work your way up to

• After you get used to the feeling, you can work your way up to using your bare feet

For maximum benefits, we recommend spending 1 minute on the mat. You will feel a surge of energy when you’re on it: this is healing.

For Secreting More Endorphins

By promoting healthy blood flow, an acupressure mat can trigger the release of endorphins that promote relaxation and lead to sleep that comes more easily and is of higher quality. Endorphins are chemicals that are naturally produced in the nervous system to combat pain or stress. User your acupressure mat daily to increase production of endorphins. The recommended time to use the mat to produce more endorphins is 10 minutes.

For Managing Anxiety

Using an acupressure mat is a relaxing practise helping to relieve pain, stress and tensions which can come hand-in-hand with anxiety. Introducing the use of an acupressure mat into your daily routine enables you to take a short amount of time out of your day, every day, to slow down and breathe calming your mind and body down.

Combine this meditative practise with aromatic candles, essential oils and diffusers to further create an ambient environment that promotes relaxation.

For Energy

Acupressure mats are a great way to elevate your energy levels. The mat’s spikes stimulate pressure points near the body’s energy lines to allow energy to flow freely. The non-invasive practise helps to release any blocked energy within the body as the mat’s spikes stimulate pressure points near the body’s energy lines to allow energy to flow freely.

Use your acupressure mat after exercise to relax muscles, aid recovery and re-activate blood circulation for increased energy.

Increased Blood Circulation

An acupressure mat stimulates acupoints in the body with firm pressure to activate and increase circulation. Proper circulation is key for maintaining optimal health. Blood must continuously flow throughout the body to allow every organ to function properly, helping to heal wounds faster etc.

For Releasing Tension And Increasing Mobility

Another use of the mats is to improve your mobility and performance by removing the knots and trigger points in your body. By stimulating the body’s pressure points helping to release tight muscles and points of discomfort, mobility can be dramatically increased. .


Acupressure Mats are beneficial for keeping you calm and helping you relax. Now that you know the benefits of the mats and how to use them to enhance your physical and mental health consider introducing one to your daily routine. Get a superior quality acupressure mat from Karma Living today and enjoy the wide range of benefits it will bring your way.