6 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from responsibly sourced Himalayan Salt Rock pieces that are handcrafted into a lamp for your home. A Himalayan Salt lamp contains crystals that produce negative ions to fight positively charged particles like pet dander, pollens etc. They are essentially natural air purifiers and can also be used as décor pieces because of their aesthetic appeals.

Himalayan Salt Lamps bring a lot of therapeutic benefits. Read on to learn why these lamps are gaining in popularity, especially among more mindful individuals.

1. Improves Air Quality

Himalayan Salt Lamps naturally deodorise and clean the air around them, reducing dust, pollen, and other air contaminants.

The lamps contain hygroscopy which enables them to attract water molecules and absorb them into the crystal. They also absorb contaminating air particles (like pollen and dust) in the process.

After the lamp heats up sufficiently, the trapped water molecules evaporate back into air and mix into the surroundings while the harmful particles remain trapped inside the lamp.

2. Helps Reduce Difficulty Breathing and Combat Allergies

A clear benefit of using Salt lamps is their natural air purification, which means better air quality particles and less difficulty breathing.

As these lamps reduce harmful particles in the air, they are actively preventing you from breathing them in. These harmful particles may trigger asthma, bronchitis, or other issues you may already be dealing with.

Salt lamps also help reduce allergies since they reduce contaminants like pollen, mould, pet dander and mildew. People with allergies and breathing problems can perceive a difference in their physical health when they install and use a salt lamp in their homes.

3. Reduces Coughing

Most households have abundant positive ions in the air, which are bad for your health. The primary source of the positive ions in the house are electronics such as the TV, IPads, Phones, Laptops and Desktop Computers. Their electromagnetic capabilities is what causes them to generate harmful positive irons.

One of the significant side effects of inhaling the positive ions in the air is that the cilia, which are the microscopic hairs in the trachea, get blocked and become less functional and, therefore, fail to keep harmful contaminants out of the lungs.

The hygroscopic qualities of the salt lamps enable the lamps to emit negative ions that attract and absorb the positive ions in the air. After the lamp soaks in the air particles, they turn to water which then evaporates and goes back into the environment helping the cilia work better and improving your lungs.

As a result, these lamps help reduce coughing and help you to breathe better.

4. Helps Improve Sleep Quality

One of the significant benefits of salt lamps is that they help in regulating your sleep pattern.

Positive ions emitted from the electronic gadgets in the house cause irregular sleep patterns and can possibly lead to insomnia. The positive ions lessen the blood and oxygen supply in the human body, which is another thing that can lead to irregular sleep patterns.

Salt Lamps help in reducing the positive ions by releasing negative ions through the crystals. This way, the positive ions reduce in the air and improve the air quality, and as a result, you can sleep better. You can keep at least one or two salt lamps around your bedroom so that the lamps work faster and more efficiently.

If you are disturbed by the light of the salt lamps, you can switch them off at night, just remember to leave them on for the day. This way, you can regularise your sleep patterns without having to worry about attending to the lamp.

 5. Boosts Energy Levels

Another advantage of installing salt lamps in your homes is the great energy boost.

Positive ions in the air make the human body drowsy by sucking away energy. Activities such as taking a walk alongside a beach, going on a long drive to the countryside, and trekking in the mountains are all actions that energise the human body. Activities energise us because they expose us to the negative ions in the air, the very same that salt lamps exude.

6. Neutralises Radiation and Diminishes Static Electricity

Salt lamps help neutralise electromagnetic radiation and reduce static electricity.

With the rise of electronic gadgets comes a surge of electromagnetic radiation in your household which can harm your health in the long run, elevate stress and anxiety, lead to fatigue, and negatively affect the immune system.

Static electricity is a problem that involves an abundance of positive ions. Salt lamps reduce electromagnetic radiation by emitting negative ions and absorbing the positive ions.


There are some major benefits to having Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home.

Now that you know the benefits of using these salt lamps, you can make an informed choice about purchasing Himalayan Salt Lamps for your home. Make sure to consider the size of your room when choosing the size of your lamp.

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