Capricorn Season 2023: Our top picks to help you harness this zodiac season

As the Sun radiates with newfound brilliance and the festive season swiftly approaches, we embrace the celestial energy of Capricorn! Governed by the mighty Saturn and symbolised by the sea goat, this Capricorn season offers us an opportunity to realign our intentions and release any lingering negativity, ensuring a joyous and festive Christmas season ahead. To assist you on this transformative journey, we've carefully curated a comprehensive guide featuring our top selections for harnessing the potent energy of Capricorn.

1. Capricorn Zodiac Necklace $29.95-$39.95

Celebrate and honour the unique Capricorn in your life with our exquisite Astrology Zodiac Necklaces! Choose from two distinct styles: a timeless and elegant gold-plated design or a contemporary shell inlay aesthetic. Personalise your necklace to align with the essence of your zodiac. Let this piece serve as a perpetual reminder of the virtues of loyalty, honesty, and persistence—qualities that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the cherished Capricorn.

2. Earth Elemental Incense $19.95

Earth is the element associated with Capricorn, the grounded and passionate nature of this incredible zodiac is woven into unbeatable aromatherapy with our very own Karma Living Earth incense. A grounded and supportive blend designed to both affirm feelings of steadiness and provide a sense of gentle invigoration to encourage your inner motivation. 

3. Black Onyx Crystal & Gemstone Bracelet $2.95-$14.95

The formidable black onyx stone, celebrated for its grounding and protective attributes, aligns seamlessly with the sensitive nature of Capricorns. Elevate your daily essentials by opting for a tumble stone or, for a touch of style and substance, indulge in our black onyx gemstone bracelet. This not only serves as a fashionable accessory but also offers a sense of security and confidence to Capricorns in their day-to-day lives. Beyond shielding the mind and soul, this precious stone provides an added boost of stamina and effectively clears out any unwarranted negative energy—essential preparation for the approaching holiday season.

4. Cedarwood Essential Oil $14.95

Capricorn season can often be a time of subtle uncertainty, so it proves important to pay close attention to the mind this season and feed it the relaxation it deserves! Look no further than our Karma Living cedarwood essential oil. This essential oil promotes relaxation, calming practices, and strength. Distilled from aromatic wood, this exquisite essential oil envelops you in its warm and woody fragrance. It creates a serene environment that promotes relaxation and inner harmony. Let the soothing essence of Cedarwood Essential Oil transport you to a tranquil forest, where stress and tension melt away, and a sense of peace prevails.

5. Capricorn Planet Zodiac Book $19.95

Curious about the defining characteristics and elements that shape the formidable Capricorn? Look no further than our Capricorn Planet Zodiac Book! Immerse yourself in the captivating world of this zodiac sign through a beautifully illustrated and carefully curated mini book. It's not just an insightful read but also a perfect addition to your coffee table or shelf, becoming a tangible representation of the wealth of knowledge you'll gain about Capricorn.