Gift Guide: Our top 5 picks for the perfect present this Festive Season 2023

Spoil your beloved friends and family with a whimsical gift of wellness this Christmas! Jumpstart your holiday shopping with our top 5 picks for the perfect presents to share this festive season. 

Mushroom Crystals - $16.95 

In search of a thoughtful stocking stuffer this holiday season? Explore our enchanting mushroom cut crystal range. Infused with celestial energy, these crystals bring a captivating allure to any workspace, desk, or mantle. With an array of stones to choose from, personalise this gift to match the recipient's nature. These crystals are not only powerful but also irresistibly charming, making them a delightful addition to anyone's collection.

Prism + Fleur Accurate AF Tarot From $59.95

Have a loved one delving into the world of tarot? Your search for the perfect Christmas gift ends with the stunning Prism + Fleur Tarot Range! Perfect for those beginning their tarot journey Prism + Fleur offer a gentle invitation to deepen your relationship with yourself on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. The stunning 78 circle tarot deck offers original dreamy artwork layered with symbology, adorned with gold foil highlights and a velvet touch finish. Designed for learning, Accurate AF Tarot has archetype keywords on the bottom of each card to help as a learning point and reference for deeper understanding of the major and minor arcana.  

Incense Holders/Burners – From $8.95-$24.95

Immerse yourself in the subtle dance of fragrant smoke as it gracefully curls from our thoughtfully designed holders and burners, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary. Choose from our diverse range of elegant and unique designs, each crafted to compliment your decor and enhance your ritual of relaxation. Give the gift of simplicity and warmth—a thoughtful gesture sure to captivate the heart of any friend or family member, infusing their world with a burst of positivity!

Singing Bowls – From $49.95-$299.95

Indulge in tranquility with our exquisite singing bowls, perfect for cultivating a profound sense of Zen. Embraced in various practices such as holistic healing, chakra balancing, sound therapy, Reiki, and Feng Shui, these bowls have become instrumental in purifying negative energies and alleviating stress. Elevate your meditation experience, transforming your space into the ultimate sanctuary for inner peace and balance. Let the soothing resonance of our singing bowls guide you towards a heightened state of calmness from within.

Gifting sets – from $49-$99

Searching for a gift that's guaranteed to leave a lasting impression? Explore our meticulously crafted gift sets this Christmas. Presenting our 2023 collection, featuring the Crystal Gridding Kit, Witchy Essentials, Manifest Ritual Kit, Tarot Essentials Kit, and Evil Eye Protection Kit. Each set is thoughtfully curated, providing you with all the essential tools to embody your Karma Living qualities with style and purpose.