Our Top 6 Items for Manifesting a Positive New Year this 2024!

As the New Year is well and truly underway its that time of year when we ponder what resolutions we will take into the year ahead. Whether your goals are to hit the gym, drink more water or manifest the dreams you’ve always had, we’ve got you covered with a carefully curated list of the best products to not only help you set your goals but also in return aid you in sticking to them all year round. 

1. Citrine Crystals – From $8.95

A radiant beacon of divine light and joy, the Citrine stone embodies an unwavering source of positive vibes. It inspires us to dream big, maintain a positive mindset, and stride through life with confidence. While the new year signifies fresh starts and new beginnings, it can sometimes bring stress and anxiety. Introducing Citrine into your life and space offers a soothing and grounding influence in your daily routine. As you chart your resolutions this January, take a moment to manifest alongside the potent Citrine stone, giving your goals and intentions the extra boost, they need to endure the entire year.

2. Palo Santo Sticks - $5.95

Step boldly into your manifestation journey this new year by harnessing the potent properties of the ancient palo santo tree through our divine palo santo sticks. This profound practice brings forth remarkable energetic and spiritual benefits, clearing away negativity and elevating the positive vibrations essential for navigating your 2024. Experience its undeniable purifying effects as it establishes a serene and balanced environment, anchoring and fortifying your connection to your inner self. The dynamic energy of palo santo is both invigorating and inspiring, making it an ideal companion for uplifting your spirits and fostering creativity and good fortune in the new year. Set your intentions and stay true to your resolutions with the aid of the flourishing palo santo. 

3. Inspire Essential Oil Blend - $19.95

Ignite your resolutions for 2024 with our exclusive Inspire Essential Oil Blend. Infused with notes of Patchouli, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Clove, and more, this blend sparks creativity, enhances productivity, and boosts focus, fostering a renewed enthusiasm for life. It serves as the ideal companion for staying committed to your New Year's resolutions, providing the potency to fast-forward and stay motivated towards your goals. With our Inspire blend by your side, there's no risk of falling off the bandwagon this year.

4. Equilibrium Sleep Lavender Pillow Spray - $29.95

We all understand that a well-rested soul is the key to both success and happiness—after all, they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing! Ensure you get the rejuvenating rest you deserve to face each day ready to conquer your goals with the Sleep Lavender Pillow Spray from Equilibrium. This delightful and calming scented spray guarantees you'll indulge in the sweetest dreams, adding the perfect touch to your nighttime routine. They say the most potent manifestation happens in our dreams, and drifting off in complete ease and peace ensures your intentions are set with a tranquil mind.

5. Spell Candles - $1.95 each

Calling all the witches in the house! Elevate your manifestation game and reach your goals with the enchanting power of spell candles. Our spell candles come in a spectrum of vibrant colours, each carrying its own unique traits and powers. Choose the one that aligns best with your goals and bolster your commitment to resolutions this year. Engaging in manifestation through spell and ritual is a potent method to ensure your dreams and goals come to life. Spell candles not only help in warding off negative energy but also infuse positive vibes into your life. Each coloured spell candle is crafted to yield a distinct outcome, making them versatile for a myriad of intentions.

6. Sage Smudge Sticks - $19.95 - $29.95

Elevate your space to a state of rejuvenation as you step into the new year with clarity and peace of mind, courtesy of our Sage Smudge Sticks. Drawing on the ancient tradition of using Sage to cleanse surroundings, these sacred tools are crafted to dispel negative energy, creating room for divine positivity to flourish. As the ethereal smoke rises, our aspirations and intentions gracefully ascend, weaving into the cosmic tapestry that connects heaven, earth, and humanity. Sage is specifically chosen for its prowess in releasing mental burdens and purging negative energies. This sacred herb is a time-honored choice for cleansing homes and sacred items. Pave the way for your intentions and resolutions with a space filled exclusively with positive energy and purpose. Embrace the coming year with a sanctuary that mirrors the clarity of your aspirations.