Fuchsite is a stone that brings out the inner child, reminding one of their need for fun, relaxation and joy in life. It increases the energies of other crystals and is a good wish stone when asking for small miracles. Fuchsite in the home helps children who are naturally solemn to come out of their shell, socialise and become light-hearted. Emotionally, it restores equilibrium and emotional stability after major setbacks or long/serious illness. It also combines unconditional love with tough love to discourage unhelpful behaviour.

      Chakra: heart and throat

      Zodiac: Libra and Aquarius

      Ruby in fuchsite: this stone carries a soothing, gentle energy to nurture the heart. Healing negative emotions and particularly traumatic experiences, this crystal can begin to heal the heart and encourages a flow of positivity and love. It allows us to identify what no longer serves us and encourages us to part with these negative habits of beliefs.

      Chakra: heart, third eye

      Zodiac: Aquarius

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