New Moon in Sagittarius


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      New Moon in Sagittarius - Dec 13th 

      This lunar phase inspires us to embrace optimism, explore new perspectives, and connect with our inner wisdom. It's a time to release limiting beliefs and open ourselves to the boundless possibilities that the universe offers. Under the influence of Sagittarius, the full moon becomes a cosmic compass guiding us towards a deeper understanding of our purpose and a greater connection to the world around us.

       On a spiritual level, the Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to align our beliefs with our authentic selves. It calls us to question dogmas, expand our consciousness, and embrace a more profound sense of meaning. This moon invites us to celebrate our individuality while recognizing the interconnectedness of all beings. It's a potent moment to engage in practices that nourish the soul, such as meditation, reflection, and seeking wisdom from various sources.

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      Zodiac Gold Plated Necklace - Karma Living
      Zodiac Gold Plated Necklace - Karma Living
      Zodiac Gold Plated Necklace
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