While other protective crystals like black tourmaline and black onyx work as a shield, obsidian’s powerful protective qualities work by absorbing negative energies from our environment and ourselves; keeping us safe from psychic attacks and helping us to not take on negativity that we may encounter. Important to cleanse regularly, obsidian can help maintain positive energy and a cleansed aura; it is a great crystal for empaths. As a natural glass or volcanic origin, it is said that obsidian can also act as a mirror, helping us uncover thoughts and patterns that are inhibiting our spiritual growth and encouraging us to clear these patterns.


                      Chakra: base

                      Zodiac: Scorpio and Sagittarius


      Snowflake obsidian: this stone allows letting go of all kinds; it encourages us to view mistakes as lessons and value these experiences for what they have taught us. It also encourages us to let go of any built-up emotions we may be holding on to and can help us work through emotions like resentment, anger or jealousy. Excellent to use in meditation, it can facilitate a calm state of mind to reflect and brings a soothing energy to settle any overactive or negative thoughts.

                      Chakra: root and sacral

                      Zodiac: Capricorn and Virgo

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