Onyx is a strength-giving stone, providing support in times of great mental or physical stress or difficulty. It facilitates being a master of one’s own destiny and promotes vigour and stamina. Onyx imparts self-confidence and positivity, aiding in learning lessons and feeling at ease in one’s surroundings. It anchors the erratic, imparting self-control and encouraging a more stable way of life.


                      Chakra: base

                      Zodiac: Leo

                      Birthstone: December


      Banded onyx: a stone of balance and good fortune, this crystal is excellent for anyone under immense mental and emotional stress. It makes a great stone to carry around to support someone feeling the physical impact of anxiety; it encourages us to pause and take a breath, centres our energy and instils a sense of peace, feeling grounded in the present moment.

                      Chakra: heart and solar plexus

                      Zodiac: Leo and Gemini

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