Turquoise is an extremely efficient healing stone. It is also a stone of protection and has been used in amulets for many thousands of years across many different cultures. Placed on the third eye, turquoise enhances intuition and meditation, placed on the throat chakra, it encourages expression and releases inhibitions. Turquoise is a purifying stone that dispels negative energy. It balances and aligns all chakras and attunes the physical level to the spiritual. It is an empathetic and balancing stone, a promoter of self-realisation and assists in creative problem-solving.


                      Chakra: throat, third eye and solar plexus

                      Zodiac: Sagittarius

                      Birthstone: December

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      Faux Turquoise Crescent Moon Ring Silver - Karma Living
      Faux Turquoise Crescent Moon Ring Silver
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      Turquoise Teardrop Ring - Karma Living
      Turquoise Teardrop Ring
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      RING Bohemian Faux Turquoise Sterling Silver
      Bohemian Silver & Faux Turquoise Ring
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