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Currently a resident of Montreal, Canada, Arin works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of several popular books on witchcraft and nature-based spirituality, including The Green Witch, The House Witch, Spellcrafting, Protection Spells, The Witch’s Book of Self-Care, The Green Witch’s Grimoire, and The Green Witch’s Garden.

Her area of focus is incorporating nature-based spirituality into everyday life. Arin looks to give you a variety of different ideas to inspire you and make you think, and encourages you to use what resonates with you as the basis for formulating your own practice.

Arin identifies as pagan and a witch. She is a third-degree High Priestess in the Black Forest Clan, a tradition linked both by lineage and practice to several other branches of thought and philosophy including the Caledonii Tradition, Druidism, Gardnerian practice, Seax-Wicca, general Celtic-informed practice, and German witchcraft. She works as a priestess in her community performing rites of passage and giving occasional workshops, and leads a private coven.

Her hobbies include playing the cello and handspinning.

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