Candle Care guide


Burning candles in your home not only provide a wonderful, ambient environment but in many cases also allows you to experience the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils. It is important that when burning candles at home, care is taken to maintain them properly to prolong the life of your candle and to keep everyone in the home safe. 

care guide

Prior to burning your candle, ensure the wick is trimmed to approx. 5mm in length and re-trim prior to each use. As your candle is burning, keep an eye on the wick; if the flames are regularly flickering and bending the wick may be too long. Blow out the flame, wait 5-10 minutes until candle has cooled and trim the wicks before re-lighting.

We recommend our Candle Care Kit to assist with looking after your candles..

It is important to set the ‘memory’ of your candle when first using. To do this, ensure that your candle is burning for a minimum of three hours OR until the melting wax reaches the edge of the candle, whichever occurs first (for candles in glass, this may be right to the edge of the candle and for pillars allow 3mm around the edge). This will prevent the wax from ‘tunnelling’ and maximise the total burn time for your candle.

Where possible, your candle should burn for a minimum of three hours or until the wax has melted to the edge of the candle. However, if burning for extended periods of time blow out your candle after four hours, allow wax to return to a solid state (approx. 5-10 minutes) and re-trim the wick (if necessary) before re-lighting.

Some candles that are perfect for burning for long periods of time...

Ensure your candle is placed on a plate, board or coaster to prevent any heat transfer or wax melt onto delicate surfaces

Do not leave burning candles unattended and ensure they are locatedin a well-ventilated area away from draughts, upholstery, curtains and rugs. Keep your candle out of reach of children and pets


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