Whether you are a crystal-healing expert or at the beginning of your journey, the selection of a crystal and its incorporation into your daily rituals is an exciting experience. The energetic nature of their crystalline structures emits vibrations that help to balance our own energy and the space around us, and so selecting the crystal that is right for our needs and ensuring that a crystal’s energetic pathways are both clear and focused on the user’s intention is an important facet of crystal use.

Below is a guide to not only selecting the right crystal for you but also to ongoing care and maintenance of your crystals

How to choose a crystal

By intention: Crystals can be chosen based on their known properties and whether it matches what we are looking to heal, or what type of energy we want to increase in our life. For example, if we are having trouble sleeping or are suffering from high stress levels, an Amethyst cluster would make a great addition to a bedside table and an Amethyst drink bottle can help manage stress throughout the day. You can shop our crystals by their name (insert link) which details the properties and uses for all our crystals, or you can shop our crystals by intention (insert link). We also have a wide selection of titles that cover all aspects of crystals and their uses. 

However, we can also be drawn to the energy of crystals without even knowing their properties. This is sometimes called “intuitively choosing a crystal”.

Using intuition: When we allow our intuitive sense to guide us, we are operating from a space of trust and flow, rather than trying to control surroundings and experiences all the time. When choosing crystals for ourselves, our spaces or our loved ones, take a slow, deep breath and allow yourself to be guided by what you feel called to pick up.

Sometimes we are drawn to what we feel is the most interesting crystal, only to then pick it up and find its properties and meaning truly resonates with us and what we need at that 

exact moment!


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Programming your crystal

The purpose of programming a crystal is to focus its energies on a specific goal, intention, or desire. A programmed crystal becomes more powerful, useful, and effective.

If you choose to program your crystal after purchasing, hold the crystal in your hand and quiet your mind. Dedicate its energies and your intentions to the highest good, and then state your goals, desires, and intentions clearly and specifically (these should ideally be aligned with the crystal’s natural properties). Programming with intention is especially helpful when the crystal will be carried with you for long periods of time, worn as crystal healing jewellery or used in creating a crystal grid, and can be done after cleansing your crystal.

Cleansing & Charging your crystal

There are no defined rules on when to cleanse crystals and it might vary depending on how and how regularly the crystal is being used. Some crystals will naturally absorb more energy than others and if you have chosen crystals with intentions to deal with negative energy these may need to be cleansed more frequently. While there are many methods available to both cleanse and charge your crystals, many people choose to regularly cleanse their crystals under the moon or sun at specific times within the solar and lunar calendars.

Once your crystal is energetically cleansed, it is important to also regularly fill your crystal with energy, also known as ‘charging’. Like a battery, a crystals energy will deplete over time, particularly with regular use. Charging will not only replenish the energy of your crystal but also enhance the crystal’s own energy.

Below is a handy guide to crystal cleansing and charging, in particular the methods available to use


Clear crystals of unwanted, old or stagnant energy

Removes energy

Cleanses all imprinted energy

Restores crystal to its natural state

Sunlight & Moonlight

Water (note some crystals should not be submerged in water)


Sound (singing bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan cymbals)

Smoke (sage, palo santo, incense)



Amplifies the crystal’s power by recharging its energy/vibration

Adds energy

Energises the crystal

Infuses the crystal with specific energy

Sunlight & Moonlight

Water (note some crystals should not be submerged in water)


Sound (singing bowls, tuning forks, Tibetan cymbals)

White light/Reiki

Amplifies the crystal’s power by recharging its energy/vibration