Himalayan Salt is known for its many healing abilities; it is non-toxic, pollutant-free and mineral-rich.

The negative ions are known to assist to:
• Cleanse the air of impurities
• Relieve stress
• Boost your energy and improve well-being
• The soothing glow can help ease feelings of anxiety, insomnia and makes a perfect nightlight

Before setting up your lamp, please read through this guide to ensure you get the very best experience and longevity out of your new lamp

Setting Up your Salt Lamp

• Remove any packaging and plastic film around the salt, cord or bulb. Your lamp will come with a screw in bulb, gently screw the bulb into the globe holder of the power cord

• Insert the bulb and globe holder into the lamp through the bottom. Carefully squeeze the metal spring arms of the globe holder together and insert it into the opening

• Make sure the wire goes through one of the pre-cut wire snips in the base. Once done, carefully place lamp wherever you want, the metal arms will prevent the bulb from falling out

ENSURE YOUR CORD IS DIALLED TO THE OFF POSITION before connecting to power outlet and switching power on. You can now plug in the lamp switch it on. If you are going to move it around, make sure to turn the lamp off before you move it around

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there is a large current drawing appliance on the same circuit that is switched on/off frequently, this can cause power spikes and/or surges which can blow a globe. Consider another plug or power board with surge protection & avoid switching your salt lamp off by the power outlet, but rather by the dial switch

Replacing the Bulb or Cord

• TURN THE LAMP OFF AND UNPLUG THE CORD. Before continuing, please ensure that your lamp is switched off AND unplugged form the power cord

• Carefully pull out the bulb fixture from the bottom of the lamp and unscrew the bulb from the base (ensure you have left the bulb to cool before touching it)

• You will need to replace the bulb with a replacement bulb of similar wattage. Do not use a bulb of higher wattage on a smaller lamp as they can overheat and cause issues

• Once it is cool, you can unscrew the bulb and replace it with a new bulb, Place the globe holder with the new bulb back in the lamp

• IMPORTANT NOTE: If your lamp is frequently fusing, or if your lamp doesn’t light up even with new bulbs, you likely have a faulty cord. To remedy this, you will need to get a replacement cord for your lamp.

Maintenance Tips

• Our number 1 tip is to keep your salt lamp switched ON for as long and as often as you can to prevent your salt lamps from sweating/melting/leaking and to promote the therapeutic and wellness benefits it offers. Keeping your salt lamp switched on will also help prevent moisture leaking onto the cord and damaging both the cord and bulb

• If your lamp has accumulated too much moisture, turn it off and unplug it immediately, remove the cord and bulb from the lamp, and place both the lamp and the cord & bulb in gentle sunlight for several hours until it is dry. Once dry you can brush the lamp lightly with a dry cloth, to remove the salt crystals formed from the drying water and then reassemble your lamp for use again

• If your lamp has collected dust or dirt on the surface, simply use a damp (not wet) cloth to gently clean and ensure your lamp is SWITCHED OFF and UNPLUGGED first. Once cleaned, use a clean dry cloth to dab it dry and turn the lamp on again to let the remaining moisture evaporate

• Avoid placing your salt lamp in a room or area with naturally high moisture levels, like the bathroom, the laundry, the basement or attic, and the kitchen

• Do not place your marble-based lamps directly on glass, wooden or leather surfaces as they will scratch the surface, always place them on a placemat, coaster, tray, or board

• Take precaution when moving your lamp. Whenever handling your lamp, moving it around, changing bulbs or cleaning it, make sure your lamp is switched off and unplugged. When moving your lamp from one place to another, make sure you turn it off and move it slowly, without any sudden movements. This is because the bulb hitting the inside of the lamp from sudden movements is one of the leading causes of bulbs fusing in salt lamps

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