How a Ganesha Statue Can Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

For most of us, our key concerns are good health, happiness and prosperity. If you’re all for striving towards this, then you need a good state-of-mind and motivational atmosphere in your home. A Ganesha (Ganpati) statue will energise your home towards this. Lord Ganesha or Lord Ganesh, also called Ganapati, is the elephant-headed Hindu god of beginnings. He is the patron god of intellectuals, bankers, journalists, writers, and also a guardian of homes. People place statues of him close to the entrance to ward off evil spirits and bad energies.

Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi's son, is perhaps the most well-known and potent Hindu deity in India. He is worshipped across the country through his many colloquial names - Vinayaka, Pillayar, Lambodara, and Mahodara. This article on Lord Ganesha will help you understand why devotees worship Ganesha as the God of joy, wealth and health (everything we are after).


There are various stories regarding Lord Ganesha, some tales claim he is Shiva and Parvati's biological son. The most well-known myth is that Parvati created a boy, who she claimed to be her son, to keep watch over her and guard her.

One day, Shiva returned after a battle, and wanted to step into the bathing area to clean up. Parvati was bathing inside while young Ganesha stood watch, and when Shiva came to the entrance the youngling stopped him from going any further. Shiva, who is the epitome of fury, was naturally offended. He used his sword to separate the boy's head from his shoulders. When Parvati saw what happened, she went into a rage that shook the entire universe and even disturbed the great destroyer himself. Later, in an effort to calm the enraged Parvati, Shiva sent his warriors out from the palace and told them to take the head of the first living thing they saw that was facing north. It turned out to be an elephant. Shiva revived the boy by attaching the elephant's head to his body. Due to his propensity for listening and contemplating, Lord Ganesha came to represent wisdom and success in overcoming challenges, and it is believed that the fruits of wisdom and success are endowed upon those who keep his statue nearby.

The Many Forms of Ganesha

Ganesha is revered in 32 different forms and his statues are carved out in a variety of shapes. According to Hindu’s, Lord Ganesha took on numerous forms to protect his devotees from a range of difficulties in life.

The Significance of Ganesha

All Hindus consider the elephant God to be exceedingly lucky. He is the God of achievement and abundance.

1. Symbol of Success

Revering Lord Ganesha before starting something new keeps obstacles out of the path and helps fend off negative energy from one's house and life. When pleased, Lord Ganesha bestows upon his devotees’ blessings of success and achievement.

2. Obstacle Remover

Ganesha, the obstacle-remover, was created to prevent anyone from invading Parvati's personal space. Parvati needed someone she could love and trust—someone who wouldn't bow down to anyone and would instead confront them if they intruded on her domain.

3. God of Prosperity and Wealth

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the divine force behind prosperity and fortune. It is a widespread belief that Ganesha brings good luck, which causes people to celebrate him before fresh beginnings.

The Symbolism of Ganesha Statues

It is believed that having a Ganesha statue in your home brings luck and prosperity, it also symbolises a perfectly balanced life that teaches lessons like the following:

• A big head means you can think big

• Large ears mean you hear everything completely

• Little eyes help you focus

• A small mouth means you talk less

• One tusk helps you stay focuses

• A large trunk helps you stay mobile

• A large stomach means you can take both the good and the bad

The four arms of Lord Ganesha symbolise the mind, intellect, ego, and conscience.

Why Should You Bring a Ganesha Statue into your Home?

Looking to make your house happier and more prosperous? Placing a Ganesha statue would be beneficial. The best directions to position the idol towards are East, South, and West. General advice says it is best to avoid Northeastern and Northwestern directions.

Ganesha statues are an excellent addition to any home and his presence attracts more positive energy to help you maintain a happy relationship with your family. Worshipping Lord Ganesha drives away evil spirits from one's life and house. People often worship Ganesha before beginning something new as he removes impediments from one's path.

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Rules to Follow When Placing Ganesha statues in Your Home

One should be mindful of place and position when keeping Ganesha statues at home. The legend around Lord Ganesha's role as doorkeeper for his mother have made these statues a great addition to home entrances, just beside the main doors.

Ganesha’s presence provides security and deters illness and bad fortune from entering the house. Place a statue over the front door to invite wealth into the house as well.

Places to Avoid Keeping a Ganesha Statue

Avoid placing your Ganesha statue in dim or dirty areas of your house. Additionally, refrain from placing your statue in the bedroom, in your garage, in bathrooms, and under staircases. Most of these spots are considered rather inauspicious for keeping statues. Furthermore, their energies aren’t ideal either.

Particularly avoid the following:

• Never place the statue towards the outside of your house, near a door or a window; always place it facing into the room.

• Never place more than one Ganesha statue in a room. Having many Ganesha statues is viewed as being extremely unlucky.

• Never place the statue with its back to a room. Poverty enters the home as a result.

If you’re looking for a nice Ganesha statue to bless your home, you can get in touch, and we’ll help you understand the variations before you settle on one.

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