There is a wide variety of natural ingredients that are great for assisting in creating a calm mind and environment. Harnessing the calming powers of these ingredients can have highly beneficial impacts on your overall energy and wellbeing.

Each ingredient can be used and blended in various ways to help promote calm living in your every day life. From aromtheraphy mists and diffuser blends, to cleaning products, self-care remedies, and ritual processes... each ingredient can play an important part in mainfesting a calm life.


Cedarwood Atlas

Cedrus atlantica

NOTE: base

SOURCE: wood

EXTRACTION: steam distilled

ORIGIN: Morocco

BLENDS WITH: cypress, vetiver, frankincense

PROPERTIES: Relaxing, strengthening, fortifying and calming. May help reduce fear and stress

Chamomile Roman (3% in Jojoba)

Anthemis nobilis

NOTE: middle

SOURCE: flower heads

ORIGIN: United Kingdom

EXTRACTION: steam distillation

BLENDS WITH: rose, clary sage, jasmine

PROPERTIES: Gentle, comforting and calming. May help deal with stress, mood swings, nervous tension and sleeplessness

Frankincense Indian

Boswellia serrata

NOTE: base

SOURCE: gum resin

EXTRACTION: steam distillation


BLENDS WITH: myrrh, black pepper, jasmine

PROPERTIES: Relaxing and strengthening. Ideal for meditation and calming. May help soothe fear and anxiety

Jasmine (3% in Jojoba)

Jasminum grandiflorum

NOTE: base

SOURCE: flowers

EXTRACTION: solvent extraction


BLENDS WITH: rose, ylang ylang, clary sage

PROPERTIES: Euphoric and soothing. Enhances confidence and optimism


Commiphora myrrha

NOTE: nase

SOURCE: gum resin

EXTRACTION: steam distillation


BLENDS WITH: patchouli, sandalwood, frankincense

PROPERTIES: Meditative and soothing. Inspires peace and tranquillity. Eases uncertainty

Rose (3% in Jojoba)

Rosa damascena

NOTE: middle

SOURCE: flowers

EXTRACTION: solvent extraction

ORIGIN: Bulgaria

BLENDS WITH: jasmine, lavender, geranium

PROPERTIES: Harmonises and boosts confidence. May help alleviate sorrow, anxiety and anger

Sandalwood Australian (10% in Sandalwood Nut oil)

Santalum spicatum

NOTE: base

SOURCE: wood & nut

EXTRACTION: steam distilled & CO2

ORIGIN: Australia

BLENDS WITH: orange, jasmine, myrrh

PROPERTIES: Calming and harmonising. Enhances openness, intimacy, and meditation

Ylang Ylang

Cananga odorata

NOTE: base

SOURCE: flowers

EXTRACTION: steam distilled

ORIGIN: Madagascar

BLENDS WITH: rose, lavender, rosewood

PROPERTIES: Calming and uplifting. Improves intimacy, inner peace, joy and confidence. May help with sleeplessness