Ultrasonic diffusers use frequencies (the little plate/disc at base of the diffuser creates vibrations) to break up the water into a vapour and sends it into the air as a cool mist. The diffuser itself has great benefits and because of the ultrasonic technology, is considered a purifier, ioniser, humidifier and vaporiser.

Ultrasonic diffusers are a simple, safe and reliable method of dispersing essential oils into your chosen environment, and with a small amount of regular maintenance your diffuser unit should last for many years.

How to use your diffuser 

1. Ensure diffuser is placed on a flat surface clear of any clutter and not connected to any power source.

2. Remove the outer lid and any plastic internal lid (where applicable)

3. Fill diffuser with water (preferably filtered but this is not essential) to the MAX level indicated on the inside of your diffuser. Important note: do not overfill past the MAX level as this may cause the diffuser to malfunction

4. Add a few drops of pure essential oil to the water; this can be an existing blend or your own blend of single oils. We recommend starting with fewer drops and adding more to suit your preferences. Important note: only 100% pure essential oils should be added to a diffuser; oils blended with a carrier oil (like jojoba or nut-based oils) can clog the disc at the base of the diffuser and cause it to malfunction

5. Place lid (or lids) back onto the diffuser and connect to a power source, before turning on at the unit


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