Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz



      Beautiful and iridescent, aura quartz crystals combine the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy through the electrostatic bonding of precious metals onto the surface of natural clear quartz pieces. Aura quartz crystals are prized for their ability to expand the consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual bodies with their extraordinarily high vibration. While many practitioners prefer to work with natural and untreated stones, many consider aura quartz an exception due to the synergistic energies created by the bonding of metal and crystal. All aura quartz carries the general properties of quartz, as well as the metal(s) with which it is paired.


      Angel aura quartz: clear quartz bonded with platinum and silver. Carries a loving energy, elevates the mood, aids in recognising inner beauty and the beauty of nature. Great for anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, and is a powerful healing stone.

      Chakra: aligns all

      Zodiac: Aquarius


      Aqua aura quartz: clear quartz bonded with gold. A calming stone, used for releasing negativity and stress. Activates soul energy, frees limitations and creates space for new opportunities.

      Chakra: throat

      Zodiac: Aquarius


      Orange/tangerine aura quartz: clear quartz bonded with gold and iron. Disperses dark moods and uplifts the spirit. Encourages great physical and psychological strength and imparts ability to face challenges with a cheerful and level-headed attitude.

      Chakra: aligns base, sacral and solar plexus chakras

      Zodiac: Leo and Libra


      Rainbow aura quartz: clear quartz bonded with gold and titanium. Activates all energy centres in the body and brings vibrant energy and zest for life. Supportive for dysfunctional relationships, helping to release negative emotions such a resentment and grief.

      Chakra: aligns all chakras

      Zodiac: Aries

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