Aura Rose Quartz Rough Specimen

Aura Rose Quartz Rough Specimen - Karma Living
Aura Rose Quartz Rough Specimen - Karma Living
Aura Rose Quartz Rough Specimen - Karma Living

Aura Rose Quartz Rough Specimen

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Aura Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love and peace, is essential for heart healing and self-love. It calms and reassures, making it excellent for use in trauma or crisis situations. Known for attracting love, it may require Amethyst to balance its potent effects. In existing relationships, Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony, fostering unconditional love. This nurturing stone gently removes negative energy, strengthens empathy, aids in accepting necessary change, and enhances positive affirmations. Emotionally, it releases heartache, soothes pain, and teaches self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, and self-worth. It's an excellent companion for mid-life crises, offering powerful healing during emotional challenges.

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Scorpio, Libra, Taurus

Birthstone: January

Country of origin: Brazil

*Image is an indication only. Actual stone may vary in size, shape and texture.


Crystal raw specimens, in their unaltered and natural state, offer a unique and powerful connection to the Earth's energies. These untreated crystals retain their authentic vibrations and are believed to possess a purer form of energy compared to their polished counterparts. The irregular shapes and formations of raw crystals often showcase the inherent beauty of the mineral, adding an earthy and grounding element to their aesthetic appeal. Many enthusiasts and practitioners appreciate the raw specimens for their versatility; they can be placed in living spaces to enhance the overall energy, used in crystal grids for specific intentions, or even carried as pocket stones for personal well-being. Each crystal, in its raw form, tells a story of geological processes and carries the unique energy signature of its environment, making it a cherished companion for those seeking a deeper connection with the natural forces that shape our world.


Embrace Aura Quartz when you're feeling a bit down, as it serves as a radiant reminder of your inner joy. Whether worn or kept in your pocket during long days of travel, work, or challenging transitions, this crystal becomes a portable source of uplifting energy. A quick glance at its glorious iridescent colors can effortlessly lighten your mood, making Aura Quartz a delightful companion for moments when you need a boost of positivity and brightness.

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