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A much-loved author of oracles, meditations, journals and workshops, Angela Hartfield was an internationally renowned spiritual medium, healer, and teacher. Angela communicated with the spirit realm from age four when she had an angelic encounter. Her empowerment techniques helped people access guidance from the angels and the Universe. She facilitated certification programs in Tokyo and other workshops in her home state of Hawaii, including a class on Hawaiian healing journeys.

A certified dive master, Angela wrote from her home in Kailua Kona, Hawaii, where she shared her passion for the ocean with her husband, Duke. She is the mother of four amazing daughters and a stepson.

Angela is the author of Gratitude Oracle, Whispers of Love Oracle Cards, Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards, Whispers of Lord Ganesha Oracle Cards, Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards, Whispers of the Ocean, Blessings of Thankfulness, Nature’s Whispers Writing and Creativity Journal, and Whispers of Ganesha Journal.

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