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Chakra Capiz Wall Hanging Multicolour

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Manifest balanced and positive chakras across your everyday by integrated the beauty of the colourful chakras into your home décor. This beautiful wall hanging is perfect for hanging in your space against a wall, or even free hanging in different areas around your home.
The Chakras are a way of representing life energy, the vital force that inhabits and energizes the body. Positioned along the spine, they form a circuit in which this life energy flows through each center and onto the next, and as it flows, it nourishes and supports the physical body. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word from India, meaning wheel. The physical spine is just the connection between them; life energy, called “prana” in Saknskrit, flows along the spine and through the chakras in a constant loop.
The map of chakras show seven major centers along the spine. These are represented as colours of the rainbow, each with a different symbol and name.
CROWN CHAKRA – Purple: the top of the head
THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Dark Blue: between the eyebrows
THROAT CHAKRA - Blue: center of the throat area.
HEART CHAKRA – Green: Located at the heart or centre of the chest
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Yellow: Located between the navel and the solar plexus
SACRAL CHAKRA - Orange: Located just below the navel
ROOT CHAKRA – Red: Located at base of spine.

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