Dragon Jasper Tumble Stone

Dragon Jasper Tumble Stone
Dragon Jasper Tumble Stone
Dragon Jasper Tumble Stone

Dragon Jasper Tumble Stone

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Strength and Resilience

Dragon Jasper, a captivating gemstone, tells a tale of ancient energies and earthly connections. This unique variety of jasper, adorned with swirling patterns reminiscent of dragon scales, captivates with its rich hues and mystical allure. A grounding stone, Dragon Jasper is believed to bring strength, courage, and vitality to those who embrace its energies. Its vibrant colors echo the fiery spirit of a dragon, creating a mesmerizing display in jewelry or as part of your crystal collection. Let Dragon Jasper guide you on a journey of inner strength and resilience, as you harness the mystical energies that echo through the ages.

Chakra: base

Zodiac: Aries


Tumble stones, also known as tumbled stones, are small, polished gemstones that undergo a process of tumbling to achieve a smooth and rounded shape. These stones, derived from various minerals and crystals, are celebrated for their versatility and holistic benefits. Tumble stones are believed to emit positive energies that can influence the mind, body, and spirit. Their smooth surfaces and ergonomic shapes make them ideal for meditation, as they can be held, placed on the body, or used in grids.


Jasper is most effectively employed to bolster your strength when you're feeling fatigued or drained. By holding the stone in your hand and taking a few deep breaths, allow its natural properties to work their magic. Incorporate jasper into your meditation practice to relax both your body and mind – hold the stone in your hand and seek peace from the universe.

Country of origin: Brazil

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