Peach Moonstone Point #4

Peach Moonstone Point
Peach Moonstone Point
Peach Moonstone Point
Peach Moonstone Point

Peach Moonstone Point #4

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This unique point of peach moonstone presents vibrant colour and beautiful stunning texture that is sure to shine in your crystal collection.

Dimensions (cm): 2.5x11.5

Weight: 0.1 kg

About Peach Moonstone

Peach Moonstone is a gem of exquisite beauty that belongs to the feldspar family. Gently explore its ethereal allure, as it unveils a palette of delicate peach and pale orange hues, gracefully emanating a soft, luminous glow. This gemstone holds a sacred place, cherished by seekers of spiritual wisdom and those who find solace in its metaphysical essence.

The genesis of Peach Moonstone unfolds through the harmonious intermingling of orthoclase and albite, two feldspar minerals, adorned with subtle traces of potassium, aluminum, and silica. From this alchemical union emerges the captivating phenomenon known as adularescence—an enchanting dance of light that diffuses and reflects, casting a luminous, peach-coloured sheen that gracefully glides within the depths of the stone.

Peach Moonstone embodies a profound spiritual essence, intimately entwined with the divine feminine energy. It beckons us to embrace our intuition, inviting a deepening of psychic abilities and emotional healing. As we cradle this gem, we immerse ourselves in a gentle current of calmness, as it lavishes us with serenity and balance. Within its radiant embrace, we find solace, a sanctuary for emotional support and stability, where anxiety, stress, and emotional wounds may find solace and begin their journey towards tranquility and healing.

Zodiac: Cancer

Chakra: Sacral

Birth Month: June

Origin: USA, India, Madagascar

What is a Crystal Point?

The crystal point, a sacred embodiment of spiritual illumination, bridges earthly and celestial energies. It focuses intention, directs energy, and enhances meditation, spiritual connection, and energetic healing. Crafted by nature's wisdom, crystal points align chakras, clear blockages, and unlock the potential for awareness, growth, and manifestation.

Where to Place Peach Moonstone in Your Space

Peach Moonstone can be placed in various locations including your altar or sacred space, allowing it to blend with other crystals and sacred objects, infusing your spiritual practices with its serene energy. In the bedroom, place it on your nightstand, bedside table, or even under your pillow to foster emotional healing and tranquility for restful sleep. For meditation or yoga, position Peach Moonstone near your cushion or mat to invite its peaceful vibrations, facilitating a deeper connection with intuition and inner peace. In your office or workspace, keep it on your desk to promote calmness, creativity, and emotional balance amidst work demands. Similarly, placing it in the living room or common area encourages serenity, open communication, and emotional equilibrium for both you and your guests.

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