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Illuminate your Mind, Body and Spirit with Karma Living’s extensive range of Crystals and Gemstones. Since ancient times, crystals and gemstones have been treasured, not only for their beauty but for the healing and spiritual properties these gems and crystals are said to hold. Gemstones have different vibrations which connect on physical, emotional and spiritual levels and assist in many of the healing arts. Keep a gemstone in your pocket or purse, under your pillow, or around your home to benefit from the healing properties within.

If you have looked into the benefits of these gifts from God and are looking to buy crystals or gemstones, look no further than the selection on offer from Karma Living. Our crystals and gemstones are ethically sourced and providing you have faith, will enable you reap the benefits on a number of different levels. 

Crystals for Protection

If you have the faith, crystals can provide you with protection from a number of different external influences. These influences include but are not limited to providing a psychic buffer and protection from other people’s pain and anger that may be projected onto you. Natural crystals such as quartz, citrine and serpentine possess a number of protective qualities that are unquantifiable in scientific terms but undoubtably offer the owner a level of protection from external negative forces that may otherwise have a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing. 

Whether you use this protection in the form of a crystal bracelet or by simply keeping loose crystals and stones in your home or office, you can be assured that these very special natural crystals and clear stones will share their unfettered qualities with you. 

Healing Crystals 

Semi-precious healing stones have been utilised by various cultures over thousands of years to both help diagnose illness and aid recovery. Crystal healing stones, selected according to their colour or metaphysical properties, are placed on certain parts of the body and promote healing and recovery via concepts of grounding, chakras or defined energy grids. Energy crystals, crystals for strength and crystals for self love can all play a vital part in the healing process and help a person not only regain their physical health but also improve their spiritual health. Specially selected meditation stones can also aid the healing process by aiding relaxation and providing clarity. 

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If you have been wondering where to buy crystals or other energy stones, look no further than Karma Living. If you have any questions or need help buying from our online shop, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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