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Salt Lamps

Illuminate your home with Karma Living’s range of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Found specifically in the Himalayas, this salt crystal is over 250 million years old. There are many benefits to owning a salt lamp, such as the air ionising qualities they hold, emitting negative ions to neutralise the air. 

Salt lamps are also great for people with asthma or respiratory issues, and the glow from the pink salt creates soothing warmth that is therapeutic for those dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

In addition to the rejuvenating and life enhancing benefits that a Himalayan Salt Lamp bring; they also compliment any existing interior design and provide a talking point for family and visiting friends. 

We are confident that the range of lamps we have for sale will meet your expectations in terms of both aesthetics and therapeutic qualities. These are just a few benefits of our Australia salt lamps, there are others that are far too numerous to mention. 

Salt Lamps Crafted with Love

Using ethically and sustainably sourced pink salt and crafted with love by master craftsmen, our featured Himalayan salt lamps in Australia are built to last and represent the true beauty of mother nature. 

Finding a high-quality authentic salt lamp in Adelaide used to be a massive undertaking but thankfully not anymore. Karma Living source these beautiful salt rock lamps on your behalf and make them available to our customers providing they pass our strict quality control procedures.

A Himalayan salt lamp also makes the perfect gift for absolutely anyone, and with quick delivery from Karma Living you can rest assured that your present will arrive at its end destination in the same pristine condition as it left our dispatch centre. 

How to Select the Right Himalayan Salt Lamp

A white salt lamp could never be described as an ‘off the shelf’ product so it’s essential some thought is put into it before you actually purchase your salt lamp in Australia. Here at Karma Living, we absolutely love our salt lights and welcome any questions or feedback from our customers prior to placing their order.

Speak to Karma Living about Your Order

If you know what you want, be it a Himalayan pink salt lamp or something else, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of the team will be happy to help.

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