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Cassandra Eason is one of the most prolific and popular authors of our time, writing on all aspects of spirituality and magick, including her bestselling 1001 Spells soon to be joined in the series by 1001 Tarot Spreads with Sterling Ethos/Barnes and Noble. Other bestselling titles with Sterling include in the Little Bit of Series her A Little Bit of Palmistry, Little Bit of Auras, Little Bit of Crystals, Little Bit of Tarot, Little Bit of Wicca and Little Bit of Runes. Her palmistry book has been widely acclaimed for making an often unnecessarily obscure subject totally accessible to beginners and a powerful tool for people reading Her New Crystal Bible, reprinted and re-titled many times over ten years, now called Crystals and the Complete Crystal Handbook (US with Sterling) continues to feature in high selling lists throughout the world and is respected by crystal sellers, experts and newcomers alike.

She also lectures, broadcasts and facilitates workshops throughout the world on all aspects of the paranormal. During the past forty years Cassandra has written over 130 titles, many of which have been translated into numerous languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Cassandra was a teacher and university lecturer for ten years, trained also in psychology. However, her life path was to change following a vision by her 3-year-old son, who accurately described a motorcycle accident in which his father was involved at the time of his prediction. Jack said Daddy’s fallen off his motorbike, but he is OK, as forty miles away her husband’s motor bike was skidding on a patch of oil. Her husband fell off but was unhurt. The motorcycle clock stopped at the time of impact and was verified as precisely the same time Jack spoke as Cassandra had been clock-watching for her husband to return from an overnight shift.

Following a great deal of research into this phenomenon, Cassandra went on to write the bestseller The Psychic Power of Children, the first in a long list of titles which would establish her as a worldwide best-selling author. She is also now widely acknowledged as a world expert on parent/child intuitive links. She was for a time an Honorary Research Fellow at the Alister Hardy research Centre for Spiritual and Religious experience.

Her books have been serialized around the world including the UK Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express, the People and the Sun, in the News of The World magazine, in Spirit and Destiny, Fate and Fortune, Prediction, Best and Bella, Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping in the National Enquirer many times in the US and in Woman’s Day and New Idea in Australia. She had her own psychic column in the national women’s magazine Best and in Writers News for two years and for eighteen months produced a monthly psychic master class for Beyond magazine.

Cassandra appeared on the NBC Unsolved Mysteries and The Other Side and with Paramount Sightings. In the UK she had her own weekly mini-series, Sixth Sense, on United Artists Cable Network for several years, moving on to Granada Breeze where she was resident white witch for over two years on Psychic Live Time. She also analyzed dreams for several years on the UK Channel 4 Big Brother series 3 and 4 and Celebrity Big Brother.

She is a mother of five children and grandmother to four whom she considers her greatest joy and achievement. She lives on the rural Isle of Wight off the South Coast of England.Cassandra has been working on a series with Sterling of Young Witch’s Guides to Magick and Crystals to make the spiritual accessible and safe for younger readers.

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